I am inviting you to come for a fun retreat in Long Beach Washington. This is simply a get together to enjoy ourselves and get to know our Mer Sisters and Brothers. Everyone is invited from near and far, so if you are a mermaid or merman, or interested in becoming one, this is the fall conference for you! The lodge has an indoor pool and hot tub to enjoy. It's situated near the beach and some rooms have an ocean view. Registration is 20 dollars for adults and kids are free. Registration fees are non refundable and will be used for the event. It will be a family friendly event. All you need to do is reserve your room or condo and join me for a nice little retreat in a pretty neat beach town. Let them know you are with the Mer-Retreat folks!

Friday November 3 to Sunday November 5 2017 Conference Registration form is listed below in the file section in both Doc. or PDF. You only need to fill out one form and send it in.  

Please send registration fee for conference to Orchidthejellyfish@gmail.com through PayPal or sent snail mail to PO box 275 Chinook Washington 98614

Please send filled out registration form to Orchidthejellyfish@gmail.com or by snail mail to P.O. Box 275, Chinook Washington 98614

Conference is at Chautauqua Lodge, 304 N.W. 14th Long Beach Washington.

You may secure lodging at Chautauqua Lodge.com or call them at 360 642 4401 (Do not use any other booking companies to book your room, see note below)

If you are looking for a fin and tail there is a Shop called Sea Gypsy Gifts in Astoria that has both items. The fins are sold for 30 dollars and the fabric tails depend on what you are interested in buying. She will do custom fitting  tail making for you. Her shop is at 1001 Commercial St. Astoria Oregon. you can also reach  her at 360 510 2488 or email her at earthfairy27@yahoo.com. 

Hello all, I want to clarify the hotel rates as I have found out that some people were being quoted higher prices than I was given.
So first off, only use the phone number or website of Chautauqua Lodge. No booking agencies such as expedia as you will be quoted a higher rate and it will not count as a booking for an attendee of Mer-Retreat. It's important the hotel sees you as an attendee in the event they want us back next year. They count rooms/heads. If you contact the hot...el by phone or web and don't get the following quote please tell them you are with Mer-Retreat and you know the rate. It is as follows:
79 dollars (+tax) for a single room on the lower 1st floor. That covers two adults and if you add another adult it will be an added 15 Dollars per adult. If you choose rooms up higher with an ocean view it will raise the cost of the room. Please state you want ground level, (unless cost isn't an issue). If you have more than 3 adults and are looking for lodging or a shared situation there are condos available starting at 99 (+tax) for four adults and for more adults you can rent an even bigger condo for 129 (+Tax). If you called and already booked a room and it was at a higher rate for the room please call the hotel and explain you are with the Mer-Retreat and need the lower rate. I am sorry this was an issue and I was not aware of it until last night. I am looking into another way to pay registration also. More on that later. The registration is located on my Web page, Orchidthejellyfish.com. There you will find the registration and the waiver. Please fill out and return asap as I need a head count. It also contains some discounts and information on how to purchase a tail or fin for the event. You do not need a tail for the event. We will be holding three workshops on Saturday to help introduce you to the world of mer-ring. There will be swimming and other activities throughout the day. I will post a schedule soon. We will have a photo booth with a photographer who will take your picture in a tail. There will also be pool side pictures taken. I hope this clears up the confusion and I hope to sea you there!

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